mardi 12 avril 2022

Fioan Hill.

I have just watched an interview with her on Youtube and I like her.

She is much more charming than Putin!

I tried to watch my desk instead of the screen, but it was difficult to, because I couldn't  read the subtitle.

Did she -in the line of duty -  do any porn video?

No? She wasn't a field officer?

And Putin?

I know I am  being very provocative.  Some people I have passed by but who I don't know say: "The dispute is over. When he visited the country in 1992, the United States asked him  if he was a prostitute". (Giving the information that they were also opportunities for prostitutes there). 

It wasn't really the reason of the provocation. Appart of the fact that she was beautifully dressed in pink during the interview, I felt something when she touched the couch near her to show the place where Putin was sitting. At the same time she was looking toward  the camera  and I got the feeling she was inviting me to sit near her. Despite the fact that Putin has a lot of success with women much younger than him, I evidently don't want to take  his place.  But I felt like I could be the center of her attention. 

But the God of Internet said me I had no chance (hallucinations): "And he is paunchy!", "Mother-fucker!! I will have to protect him!" or "This is true, I shouldn't have smiled so much while speaking about such a subject" or "If you want I can ask Google to remove the post "(with a french accent). I hope everything is just an illusion.

But still, I felt like she was rehearsing with her companion and giving us the best she could  before the interview with the President.

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