jeudi 19 mai 2022


To get ride of somebody you have to demonstrate he is a bad person.

But why should they get ride of me? 

I don't really know. 

They are several possible reasons:

-- I might publish something valuable again it in the public domain (I don't have any serious clue about the value of what I have published this but it seems that some people believes it has some value).

-- He talked, put some people on risks and must be punished.

What could be the tactic used to demonstrate I am really a bad person?

-- Demonstrate he is an active pedophile by systematically encouraging young people to have sexual intercours with him.

-- Demonstrate he is a pervert and that he can not give  blood by and encouraging people -known for practicing sodomy- to contact him.

-- Demonstrate he is a violent and dangerous man  by encouraging him to be violent (diffamation, threats, stealing, invasion of privacy, harassment, obstruction ....)

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