samedi 25 août 2018

Blueray, w10 and mac go

This a complaint.

My W10 laptop was offline (no connection with internet).

I tryed to play  the brand new bluray HD  disk to watch the movie named "Des saumon dans le désert" (good movie bought a few days ago in NOZ Quimperle ).

It wasn't possible and I got the message from Macgo saying: "I can't the read the disk".

I tryed again unsuccessfully several times.

After a while I put my laptop online and tryed again and could watch immediately the film and without any disturbance until the end of the movie.

It could be luck that the disk became readable at this same time but I think the probability might be very low.

So  the question is: Do I need to be online in order to be authorized to watch some bluray disk on my W10  laptop?

Some legal dispute  might arise from the answer.

Again with "Les survivants 77": internet connection required and I think only the first time playing.

Wed, Aug 29, 4:24 AM
to me
Hi Marc,

Thanks a lot for purchasing our product.

Macgo International Limited has the legal authorization from Bluray Disc Association.

The Internet connection is needed to remove the Blu-ray protection after accessing to Macgo server.

Users who have the same disc do not have to remove the Blu-ray protection twice.

It means that once your disc is decoded, it will not need a second time decoding.

So you can spend a few minutes to decode all the discs that you want to play offline. You don't need to watch the entire movie, just make sure it starts playing when first played with Internet connection.

Yours sincerely.
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