dimanche 14 mai 2023

Warning from Goggle. blogger.com

 I have got this message about a sensitive content. But I can't find which post it is related to.They are a lot of posts in this blog that are sensitive. And I am aware of the risks involved not only for me. 

I suppose that the risk that the line could be crossed is high. I hope you can understand how many people who pretended to help me decided to treat me.

 You should, please,  give me exactly which post is involved, and send me a mail instead of immediately deleting (not put offline) -as yous have already done it in the past- a post of blog.

These people I am speaking about asked me  and 20 other people during a meeting  to report only the ones  who are proposing drugs or glorify the use of it. But not to report people who are using it..... even if they have big responsibilities  with  the life of teenager.   


Marc Dechico

I must add that I decided not to be involved any more with this organisation. Because of the poor quality of the training I have received. I suspect them to have  prioritized the interest of the organisation against mine. I mean: I have been trained enough to be able to train beginners who are paying. Not only I lost money and time but they involved me with activities that I think are not compatible with their status and what they had advertised. 

Further more if they really wanted help to clean up the organisation then they might have presented us individually  a plan. 

A plan  of retribution based on the risks involved, the level of the member in the hierarchy of the organisation up to the top of  the federation and based on the number of person that we have found. They might have needed to use immunity a lot.

I know this organisation has been very well informed about the efficiency of a well organised denunciation plan. It gave me a more intimate vue of what must have occured in the USSR and it changed a little bit my belief.

I heard they have found some at the top of the top. In fact some of them came back to me and fighted me with the help of their friends.

I knew this war had good chance to progress the same way the global war against drug traffic has done today:  much more traffic, much more users and much more struggle and sacrifices to keep control of the money and power by it generated. 

I am bragging. I didn't  know that much!

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