jeudi 27 septembre 2018


Je me souviens d'un type me parlant d'un manière plus ou moins méprisante après mon retour du Liban. Après m'avoir proposé de travailler pour sa banque il ajoute "On va l'envoyer au Nigéria". C'est marrant car il s'était plaint lui-même d'avoir été envoyé à l'étranger en pleine cage au lion sans aucune préparation.

On apprend par la pratique, si on reste vivant.

J'ai eu aussi des propositions d'une employée d'un grand constructeur informatique sur un ton similaire: "On va vous envoyer en Arabie". Elle n'avait pas du  étudier en détail mon CV dans le registre langue étrangères.

Tout cela montre que dans certains cas la compétence professionnelle joue un rôle secondaire.
Ce qui compte c'est le pouvoir de nuisance.

mardi 25 septembre 2018

Amnésie au CPAM

Comme le stipule le poste précédent des photocopies des 12 derniers bulletins de salaires ont été déjà envoyées, non je devrais dire plutôt déposé  au CPAM de Quimper.
Il faut donc à un mois d'interval recommencer. Qui osera dire que nous possédons une informatique gouvernementale performante?


jeudi 30 août 2018

La sécurité sociale

Je suis en général content des service rendus par la sécurité sociale.

Mais aujourd'hui alors que je n'ai reçu que très rarement des indemnités de salaire. Je reçois un courrier me demandant mes 12 derniers bulletins de salaires ou indemnité de chômage

Normalement toutes ces informations se trouvent dans les fichiers des agences gouvernementales.
Assedic, Cpam.

Ces sur ces informations aussi que sont calculés nos impôts.

La seul information qui devrait -de mon point de vue - m'être demandé c'est si des revenus manquent à la liste dont ils ont connaissance comme le fait le fisc.

samedi 25 août 2018

Blueray, w10 and mac go

This a complaint.

My W10 laptop was offline (no connection with internet).

I tryed to play  the brand new bluray HD  disk to watch the movie named "Des saumon dans le désert" (good movie bought a few days ago in NOZ Quimperle ).

It wasn't possible and I got the message from Macgo saying: "I can't the read the disk".

I tryed again unsuccessfully several times.

After a while I put my laptop online and tryed again and could watch immediately the film and without any disturbance until the end of the movie.

It could be luck that the disk became readable at this same time but I think the probability might be very low.

So  the question is: Do I need to be online in order to be authorized to watch some bluray disk on my W10  laptop?

Some legal dispute  might arise from the answer.

Again with "Les survivants 77": internet connection required and I think only the first time playing.

Wed, Aug 29, 4:24 AM
to me
Hi Marc,

Thanks a lot for purchasing our product.

Macgo International Limited has the legal authorization from Bluray Disc Association.

The Internet connection is needed to remove the Blu-ray protection after accessing to Macgo server.

Users who have the same disc do not have to remove the Blu-ray protection twice.

It means that once your disc is decoded, it will not need a second time decoding.

So you can spend a few minutes to decode all the discs that you want to play offline. You don't need to watch the entire movie, just make sure it starts playing when first played with Internet connection.

Yours sincerely.
Support Center|

vendredi 24 août 2018

The way I liked to work.

Having found out that I have difficulties to fit  a standard carreer profile  I have to consider in which way I might be useful in a corporation.

-- I have a lot of problems with my memory. I can't learn anything. I can spend hours trying to learn a list of vocabulary and fail. It has been a problem during my  scholarship. But I have been said that I have an "analitic memory". I don't know exactly what it means or if it is really true. I don't know in which situation it is useful. In two occasions I  have taken some tests and I had to do them again.  I don't know why, perhaps it was normal. (CELOP Boston),3 days French Army). In some occasion people have spocken about special skills. Is it true ? Was I concerned?

-- I have the inner belief that I can't compete with people having standard qualities. The one required by getting a university diploma. If I try to fight on the same playground I would surely fail. So I have to find a way to be useful in my own way. Thereis no garanty of success, asking for a high salary would be very risky and I would prefer a low salary but a high reward in case of success.

-- I find it difficult to have to cover each move I do. I have difficulties to trust the people I work with. I am not pleased at all when I am teased at work. I feel unsecure and this  is why I like to be alone. But I need contact with people the same as others. I like for exemple walking in area crowed with tourists. I like being with people taking holidays. I like to watch women and dream to have intercourse more often  with them. They are my preference. But I stay away from them, this is my choice. Having got families reponsabilities in my situation could have been a mess for everybody including me. At work when working as a programmer  and even now I have several time needed to search for a safe place where I could  protect myself from harassement.

-- The lack of self confidence, and the mistrust in people I work with can lead to a "killer"  attitude that I know is often counter-productive at work . I doubt  I can overcome it easily. This is why I prefer to cope with my own mistrust staying alone. I hope I don't kill myself, this not a necessity!

mercredi 22 août 2018

Au theatre ce soir

Il faut être patient.